A Womb of One's Own

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“If one in three women have abortions, why aren't a third of my acquaintance lining up to give me advice?”

Babygirl is 18, a student, and has just discovered SEX, in spite of her strict Catholic upbringing by two crotchety old women. Having rapidly disposed of her virginity, she sets out to find something a little more satisfying. But before she can manage it, she discovers she's Up the proverbial Duff. We follow her as she struggles with unsympathetic hospital receptionists, new independence, uncertain religious beliefs and the hidden grief which haunts her throughout the play.

In an ambitious four-hander production, four different actresses play Babygirl, revealing different aspects of her personality, and an absurd cast of characters. Together they tell the story of the emotional roller coaster that is an unwanted pregnancy and explore why it's still such a taboo.

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