The Bastard King

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Sketch comedy duo The Awkward Silence bring their latest show, The Bastard King, sliding into the Birmingham Comedy Festival. And it's a big one.

Three kings: one dead; one nearly dead; and one newly born. In Etherium, news of an illegitimate baby, by blood the rightful heir to the throne, throws the kingdom into chaos. The archbishop, gleefully acting as regent, must get his hands on the bastard baby and ensure he can manipulate him for his perverted ends. But before long he is fending off invaders from the south and armies of elephants from the north, not to mention conspirators within Etherium, loyal to the newborn king.

This is war. This is bloodshed. This is chaos.

Lord of the Rings without the elves; Shakespeare without the identical twins; Game of Thrones without the incest.

The Bastard King is the third narrative sketch show by The Awkward Silence (Ralph Jones and Vyvyan Almond), following The Voyage of The Narwhal and Racketeers, both script-edited by the Emmy award-winning writer David Quantick.

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★★★★- EdFringe Review Shortlisted for BBC Writer’s Prize Nominated for Writers’ Guild Award

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