The Testament of Mary

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The mother of all controversies

For two thousand years Mary has been silent. A woman seen but not heard. Until now.

This Mary is no saint, not meek, nor obedient. She is clear-eyed and sharp-witted. In a voice that is both tender and furious, she speaks a defiant truth.

From the Director and Production Team who bought you the Old Joint Stock Theatre’s critically acclaimed immersive promenade production of A PASSION FOR BIRMINGHAM

One year on..... The Mother of all controversies From the team that bought you A Passion for Birmingham

Years after his death, men are compelling Jesus’ mother to agree with their version of the truth. They call him the Messiah, a miracle worker, the man who conquered death. They come into her home. They are relentless.

But though she lives in fear, she is steadfast. She says it is all lies. He was her only son, surrounded by dangerous men. His blood should not have spilled. Refusing to capitulate, she will write her own Gospel on her own terms.

Piecing together memories of Jesus’ last days, Mary brings a mother’s powerful perspective to a very complex and human story of turmoil and sacrifice. At the core of this profound performance beats the heart of a woman grieving an unbearable loss. The question is, was it worth it?

Directed by Tracey Street and the produced by the same team who bought you PASSION over the last few years, this fiery imagining is penned by Irish writer Colm Tóibín, one of the world’s greatest living novelists. Tóibín has been shortlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize on three occasions. Most recently, in 2013, for The Testament of Mary, now adapted for the stage.

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