The Weatherman

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How would you pass time in the afterlife?

After reaching the pearly gates, one man discovers he has been tasked with controlling the world’s weather until the end of time. This feel-good hour charts the ways in which this lonely man tries to amuse himself throughout eternity by creating new worlds from his imagination. What does a man do for fun, when he can make it rain from his fingertips?

Critically acclaimed clown Kiki Lovechild uses physical comedy, puppetry, mime and illusion in a show that brings together modern clowning with a collection of forgotten vaudeville art forms, including the routines that have made Kiki a firm favourite on the UK cabaret scene.


 'Nothing verbal can describe the magic of this production … an unforgettable hour that cannot fail to make you laugh and love being alive.' FIVE STARS The Latest

 'Amazing…Kiki’s enthusiasm and stage craft makes the audience forget itself in laughter…go see it.' FOUR STARS Theatre Full Stop

 'A delight...he works wonders.' ReviewsGate

 'A reminder of the beauty of being alive. The Weatherman is heartfelt and intelligent, mixing childlike wonderment and magic with the stark reality of spending eternity alone.' Savage

“Nothing verbal can describe the magic of this production…an unforgettable hour.” FIVE STARS The Latest
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