Wolf Meat

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Grandma is the undisputed drugs queen of Croydon, but Detective Dawn Taylor will go to any lengths to bring her dirty dealing family to justice.

Wildheart & Lyric bring their absurdist humour & compelling storytelling to an irreverent world of dirty deals & mistaken identity.


Wolf Meat subverts well known characters & turns morals on their heads in this dark, sexy, raucous hour of theatrical anarchy.


The play is continually deconstructed as the actors drop in and out of character and plot, and take audience interaction to a jaw dropping new level.


Suggested 16+ rating due to nudity, and graphic scenes of violence.


'Meta-deconstructive-fourth-wall-breaching-orgiastic fun, this was a seriously funny, tightly written and brilliantly acted hour of Fringe perfection.’

Pink Fringe

****'Adventurous and very funny. Entertainment with a capital E' Brighton Argus

'I laughed and laughed and laughed.’


'Savage elation...Horribly Good.’

Fringe Review

"Irreverent, silly, naughty and daring, this production is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended" **** FringeGuru
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