Your Fragrant Phantom

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Love, loss, legacy - twisted truths,and little-white-lies. In a life immortalised in fiction, F.Scott & ZeldaFitzgerald roared through the Jazz Age where dresses were shorter and liquorflowed longer. But what happened when the party was over?

In this new piece of writing, F.Scott Fitzgerald, the author who infamously coined the 1920s ‘The Jazz Age’,and his wife Zelda, ‘the First and Last Flapper’, retell their own story oflove, loss and legacy.  Scott and Zeldawere the epitome of the Roaring Twenties, famous for their elaborate lifestyle,unforgettable outbursts and all-consuming love. The Fitzgeralds’ lives blurredthe lines of reality and fiction, as alluded to by Zelda in her own review of TheBeautiful and Damned:

On one page I recognized a portion of an old diary of mine whichmysteriously disappeared… In fact, Mr. Fitzgerald —I believe that is how hespells his name— seems to believe that plagiarism begins at home.

Was Zelda the manic and destructiveforce that the critics portrayed? Could their lives ever live up to the glamourof Gatsby? What happened when the party was over? Your Fragrant Phantom explores the challenges of biography andoffers an insight into the captivating and passionate story of an iconiccouple.

★★★★ "A whirlwind of emotion" British Theatre Guide
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