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An Indian Abroad

An Indian Abroad
A new solo show by Pariah Khan, directed by Manga Theatre's Eduardo Gama 

Stifled by life in middle-class India, Krishnan is desperate to see more of the world. He takes a year out from his studies to visit the exotic island of Great Britain. 

Keen to seek out the locals, he wants to learn about life through their eyes. 
What does Krishnan’s journey teach him about the world? 
What might he learn about himself? 
And what happens when he falls for one of the natives? 

Pariah Khan is a writer and performer, voted as one of Bristol’s 24 Most Influential Young People by Rife Magazine for his work in theatre and comedy. He was also chosen by BBC Three as one of the UK’s top 50 creative young people to pilot their Playground scheme with The Latimer Group. Outside film and theatre, he works as a villainous professional wrestling manager. His debut one man show ‘An Indian Abroad’ takes the trope of white adventurers exploring ‘foreign’ lands and spins this concept on its head, asking that all important question: what if someone from India took a gap year to Britain? 

“A generous and hilarious writer and performer with a keen eye for detail and impeccable comic timing. He has a big future ahead of him.” 
Nikesh Shukla, Editor of The Good Immigrant 

“An exceptional young talent. A sharp eye for social observation, a keen wit and versatile tone. I am particularly impressed by his light candour on stage. Time and space are all we requires to become a much heralded success.” 
Dr Edson Burton, Writer and Historian 

Written and Performed by Pariah Khan 

Directed by Eduardo Gama