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Dear Caveman

Dear Caveman
What is it about the way we have built masculinity that results in isolation, violence and loneliness? What can the spirit of unhealthy competition instilled in virtually all men from infancy tell us about the coping mechanisms we have developed, so that we do anything except actually talk to each other? And why does a tragic permanent solution to often temporary sadness so frequently present itself to men we all know and admire? Him off the telly...the man whose music you love singing along to...that guy you went to school with… 
Dear Caveman uses verbatim accounts collected from all walks of life, original sound composition and explosive movement pieces, in order to examine what it means to be a man, the stories we tell ourselves and why we do what we do when we feel all other options have been exhausted.


28 May 2020, 8:00PM
Full Price: £12