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If MY FaTher onLy KneW

If MY FaTher onLy KneW
Charlie is grieving the loss of his beautiful mother. 
His relationship with his father is put to the test as he continues to live through his ongoing secret,  one he doesn't want to come out. 
His promiscuous best friend Tori also has a secret she wants to share. A desire. One that needs fulfilling.

If My Father Only Knew explores identity, sex and beauty in today's society as well as the struggle of young people wishing to express their true self.

Written by Nathalie Bazán
Starring : 
Charlie - Liam Wadsworth
Henry- Stephen Neal
Tori - Savannah Gallo
Nathalie Bázan is a writer based in Birmingham. She established Lying Lips Theatre Company in 2014 and has gone to had sell out performances and four star critically acclaimed shows such as ‘A Slave to Love’, ‘Billy Young- A Life on Death Row’ , The Virgin Marias and recent success with debut performances of ‘Kanada’ earlier this year.
In 2017 she was selected to join the Write Away scheme with the Birmingham REP where she showcased ‘If My Father Only Knew’ as a devised performance. 
This is Lying Lips Theatre Company’s fifth show with a devising twist!