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Marshall Street

Marshall Street
It’s 1965 and Britain is caught up in the euphoria of the Swinging Sixties. The time of the Space Race. The Beatles. The Miniskirt.
Yet racial tensions are at breaking point. 

In Smethwick, a campaign mounts to keep Marshall Street ‘white’. The Conservatives take the local seat with the campaign slogan “If you want a n****r for a neighbour, vote Labour.”

The Indian Workers Association reaches out to Malcolm X, who, disturbed by reports, comes to see for himself. 9 days later, he is assassinated in New York.
As we grapple with Brexit, Boris, Trump, hate crime and ‘fake news’, Marshall Street invites us to reflect on this explosive moment in our recent history. And urges us to ask the question – has anything really changed?

“I have heard that colored people are being treated as Jews were under Hitler. I would not wait for the fascist elements in Smethwick to erect gas ovens.” - Malcolm X
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