This is a road movie. On stage. A road play. A road show. A rodeo.

Kieran has a gap in his head. It’s about thumb sized. When he rolls over in bed he can hear it rattle and feel his brain shift inside his skull. 

After months of research and his GP telling him he’s imagining it, he’s at a loss. An unlikely guru the barefoot Jared suggests the only way to fill the gap is by doing the most difficult things he can think of.

Kieran finds the usual challenges leave him rattling still. It’s only when a life changing event presents itself that he realises how to properly fix the problem, but now he’s got a lot more to be dealing with.

Directed by Grace Millie, award winning theatre company Moon Loaf bring this tale to life. From offie nominated writer and performer Kieran Dee comes the hilarious and heartbreaking true story, of a man trying to fill the gap in his head.'

OffComm Award-winning OffWestEnd

Standing Ovation Award winner for Acting LondonPubTheatres

★★★★★ "I really did laugh and I really did cry” - North West End UK

★★★★★ "One of the must-see Fringe theatre productions to put on your watch list” - Theatre, Films and Art Reviews

★★★★ "Pure performance magic, pure story-telling, superb character work” - London Pub Theatres


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