Maybe Dick

Maybe Dick

By John Hewer
Based on the novel 'Moby-Dick' by Herman Melville
Directed by Bruce Knight

Herman Melville's classic tale of revenge and retribution is retold in this inventive, comic retelling on
the high seas from the company behind ‘Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show’ and ‘Dracula! One
Bloody Fang After Another’.

Nantucket, 1841. Ishmael signs on to the Pequod, and witnesses the perils of nature, obsession, punning
and physical comedy, as Captain Ahab conducts a reckless pursuit of the savage white whale, Moby

All plot will be lampooned. All jokes will be harpooned.

"Absolutely brought the house down" - Lincolnshire World
"'Carry On Moby Dick'" - North West End
"You will be hit with wave after wave of silliness, leaving a warm glow and a great big smile." -
Review Culture
"You don't need to know Moby-Dick to get the jokes. And there are plenty of jokes." - Voicebox
"This is fun knockabout stuff; we are never more than 30 seconds from the next punchline and
Hewer has excellent comic timing and a winning naïveté." - North West End
"Hewer manages to play all the parts and maintain narrative coherence along with a stream of jokes
and the odd musical interlude." - Chiswick Calendar
"The jokes came thick and fast. We left with huge, aching smiles." - TheatreFest

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