By Lorna Meehan
Produced by RoguePlay Theatre

“Here’s all the lies and confusion I never asked for.  You can have it back and stick it where it hurts because I am so done”

One woman’s candid, hilarious and heart wrenching journey to fix her dysfunctional vagina, and ditch shame. Incorporating verbatim stories, poetry, and a little Vagi-oke. 

Unpacking the big deal with virginity and how the myths about sex that we take as truth can seriously hinder our general wellbeing, NO ENTRY! explores that place we all came from and don’t like to talk about and why it may mysteriously close for business. 

Lorna and her collaborators have a condition called Vaginismus despite it being very common, it’s rarely talked about because of lack of understanding and shame. Well stuff that! 

Actively challenging social conditioning and distorted perceptions about being perpetually single, this show is all about breaking silence and opening up, so buckle up, we’re going in deep.

NO ENTRY! previewed as a live stream at the Arena Theatre Wolverhampton last March and had a sell-out show at Calm Down Dear Feminist Theatre Festival at Camden People’s Theatre in July. 

NO ENTRY! is Lorna’s second solo show after Brazen and is produced by RoguePlay Theatre, Birmingham’s highly physical circus theatre company based in Digbeth.

Twitter: @LornaEMeehan

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