Our Christmas carol a musical

Our Christmas Carol - A Musical

The Old Joint Stock Theatre present the UK PREMIERE of this brand-new musical Christmas story 

Harold and his wife would regularly perform Christmas Carol on their local stages. Inseparable in life and on the stage. Now that his wife has passed away, Harold ha retired from acting and from his local community, secluded in his grief. 

Determined to revive his sparkle despite living far away, Harold's daughter Sylvia has devised a plan to revive her parents' tradition and perform the dickens classic with her father, only this time...virtually. He'll play scrooge, she'll play...everyone else. What could go wrong? 

Armed with good intent, catchy songs, some spontaneous costumes and very questionable props, can Sylvia bring Christmas joy back to her family? Or has their loss ruined the festive season for them forever? 

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